Welcome to thomschuyler.com. I am your host, thomschuyler.com. It's Dutch. It means thomschuyler.com.

I cannot be certain what late-night madness or insomnia may have visited you and driven you to this page but I am delighted you are here. Pretty much everybody in the world has a web site except for my Aunt Martha - and she's working on one. So, I have tried to be diligent in collecting bits and pieces that may engage your senses - at least your eyes and ears. My ultimate goal is to entertain, challenge and irritate you and also find a way to get out of the music business. As it states in large letters above - you are most welcome to surf through these pages and find some grins, hear some songs, see some pictures and read some totally unnecessary opinions. Although I do my best to keep these pages refreshed I do grow lazy from time-to-time. Has that ever happened to you? Should you choose to reach me for any sane and reasonable reason you may send me an e-mail on the CONTACT page or you can just stop me in the frozen foods aisle at Krogers.

Spread Peace,